Veterinary Neurology Service at VSES

The neurology department at VSES has the advanced training, equipment, and experience to diagnose and treat a variety of neurological diseases. We provide diagnosis and treatment of both medical and surgical neurological disorders in dogs and cats. This includes medical conditions such as seizures and surgical disorders such as disk herniation.

Neurology Consultation Services for Pets

The neurology service at VSES is a part-time consulting service. The neurologist is available several times a month for appointments and consultations.

The neurologic examination is a series of reactions that are elicited from the pet, such as testing reflexes and observing responses to different stimuli. This helps us identify the problem in the nervous system. Sometimes further diagnostics such as MRI or spinal taps are necessary. We thoroughly explain all possible disorders and available treatment options for your pet.

Meet Our Neurologist

The VSES neurology service is staffed by a board-certified specialist and a licensed veterinary technician/service coordinator.

Open 24 Hours