Critical Care

The critical care team at VSES has the advanced training, experience, and expertise needed to treat the most complex diseases and injuries. A critical care specialist’s job often involves initially stabilizing emergency patients upon arrival to our hospital. When it is determined what further advanced care is necessary, the critical care doctor then continues to work closely with our other hospital clinicians to ensure the best ongoing monitoring and care. Patients requiring a criticalist may have severe respiratory disease, altered cardiovascular status (including severe hypertension [high blood pressure], hypotension [low blood pressure], or an abnormal heart rhythm. Patients with severe, acute organ failure may also require intervention by a criticalist.

VSES Critical Care Services

  • High Risk Anesthesia
  • Advanced Nutritional Therapy
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Transfusion Medicine

When to See a Criticalist

Once admitted to our hospital, our experienced team of clinicians works seamlessly to assure comprehensive patient care and disease management. A criticalist can be involved with any patient in the hospital that becomes critical or needs assistance such as with anesthesia or ICU monitoring, but also takes primary responsibility when it is deemed necessary.

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