Know the Signs of a Pet Emergency

Sometimes it is difficult to know if a pet is just uncomfortable or if the situation warrants a call or visit to the veterinarian. In general, there are a variety of conditions that we would call urgent, with the potential for becoming a veterinary emergency.

Contact us at once if your pet has experienced the following:

  • Respiratory difficulty
    gasping, choking, wheezing, or if your pet stops breathing
  • Trauma
    from an accident, injury, a fall of any kind, or if you suspect or see broken bones
  • Bleeding
    especially from the mouth, nose, eyes, or if you see blood in the urine or stool
  • Seizure
    any seizure can require immediate veterinary attention
  • Collapse
    a fall to the ground or the inability to get up, or if you suspect heatstroke
  • Unconscious
    unresponsive or won’t wake up
  • Vomiting/Diarrhea
    lasting for more than 24 hours, or if you see blood
  • Poisoning
    suspected ingestion or exposure to toxins, from antifreeze and rat poison to human medications and household products
  • Pain
    whining, biting, pawing at a spot on the body, shivering, aggression, or withdrawal
  • Impaired vision
    injury or irritation to the eye, wandering or bumping into objects
  • Difficult labor
    more than three or four hours between delivery of puppies or kittens, or any concerns during labor

These are some of the obvious concerns that would precipitate a call to our veterinary emergency service. However, we are always here to answer questions and offer guidance any time you have a pet health concern.

Handling an Injured Animal

Injured animals often communicate their pain through aggressive or defensive actions, especially after a trauma. Approach the animal slowly while talking in a calm, soothing voice. ALWAYS muzzle an animal in pain or have someone restrain the head before examining the injured area.

Assess the nature of the emergency as quickly as possible. Call a veterinarian as soon as possible and seek professional care for your pet immediately.

Open 24 Hours

The VSES emergency team is equipped to handle complex veterinary emergencies for your companion animal in need, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Is This an Emergency?
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