Emergency Care for Pets 24 Hours a Day

If your pet is experiencing an emergency, call (585) 424-1277

The emergency hospital at Veterinary Specialists & Emergency Services is always open to address any crisis. Our emergency veterinarians offer exceptional skill and experience in addressing the urgent needs of sick or injured pets.

The First Step

In any pet emergency, or in a situation that could become an emergency, we encourage you to call and talk to us first. If the best course of action is to bring the pet to us, we will advise you of the proper steps to take to stabilize and comfort your pet until you arrive at our hospital. Calling ahead allows us to prepare for your arrival and the unique needs of your sick or injured pet.

Through our phone assessment, we may even find that treatment can be provided safely at home until your regular veterinarian is available. Our team is pleased to help you keep your pet comfortable, instructing and guiding you over the phone. This simple call may save you and your pet from an unnecessary hospital visit.

Here for You, Around the Clock

At VSES, your animal companions enjoy the finest in veterinary diagnostics, surgery, and treatment.

If you're experiencing an emergency situation, please call (585) 424-1277 for immediate assistance. The following provides very basic information on various symptoms and conditions pets sometimes face, and our veterinarians and support staff are ready to help you and your pet no matter the day or time.

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Open 24 Hours

The VSES emergency team is equipped to handle complex veterinary emergencies for your companion animal in need, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Is This an Emergency?
What Should I Expect?

Dr. Kirk and one of his patients